[Kst] Copy/Paste behavior

Andrew Walker arwalker at sumusltd.com
Wed Mar 16 17:35:03 CET 2005

How would the current plot be defined if done from the menu-copy?
That is why there is a right-click copy menu item in layout mode.

Cut should be relatively simple.

This would essentially mean saving a kst file section to the
clipboard (which still needs to be implemented) but should
be fairly simple to do - given that all the xml saving code is
there (though some changes may be necessary).

png drag/drop would be relatively simple but would add to the
time lag as we'd need to create the png.

If menu-paste is used then there is no current cursor location (or at
least not one we want to paste to). We could add a right-click
paste menu item saying something like "paste here" (restricted by
all the usual rules about plots being wholly contained by a window etc.)

Labels and labelboxes would be fairly simple.

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Seems pretty convenient.  I suggest the following tweaks:

-if no plots are selected, then copy (ctrl C or menu-copy) should copy the 
current plot.

-Cut (ctrl-X) should be implemented

Not so easy:
-Copy between kst sessions
	(if we do this, it will require copying curves, vectors etc as well... could 
be more trouble than it is worth)

-Copy/drag as a png to anywhere that supports png drops (eg, kmail...)
	This will be *very* convenient!  Can this be done extending the current 

	Is the current paste behavior what we want?  Would pasteing at the current 
mouse location be better?

How easy will this implementation be to add copy/paste of other view objects, 
like labels or labelboxes?


On Tuesday 15 March 2005 14:11, Andrew Walker wrote:
> CVS commit by arwalker:
> Add ability to copy a single plot to the clipboard from the layout popup
> menu.
>   M +22 -2     kst.cpp   1.287
>   M +38 -12    kst2dplot.cpp   1.375
>   M +4 -4      kst2dplot.h   1.145
>   M +1 -1      kstplotgroup.cpp   1.31
>   M +2 -2      kstplotgroup.h   1.19
>   M +2 -1      kstviewobject.cpp   1.120
>   M +2 -3      kstviewobject.h   1.92
>   M +11 -6     plotmimesource.cpp   1.2
>   M +8 -5      plotmimesource.h   1.2
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