[Kst] RC files

George Staikos staikos at kde.org
Tue Jan 11 20:34:19 CET 2005

Our RC files are starting to get quite messy and I'd like to clean them up.  
The problem is I don't want to have lots of migration code kicking around.  I 
could write a kconf_update script where needed, so here's what I propose.  
Please tell me if anything actually needs to be migrated.

We presently hvae:

kstautosaverc:  There is no point in this at all.  It should go through 
KstSettings, and should be saved as a subgroup in kstrc.  Do we need a 
migration script here?  I don't think so....

kstextensionsrc: This needs to exist so that extensions don't clobber Kst 
settings, and to keep kstrc small.

kstdatarc: Ditto above.  This is for data sources only.

kstrc: Lots of problems here:
1) passwords are not even obscured.  At least base64 them.  We could also use 
KWallet here.
2) [Kst] is full of things that don't belong there.  We need to regroup.  This 
   i) Email settings - should go to an [EMail] group and drop the "EMail " 
prefix on keys
   ii) Grid lines - should go to a [Grid Lines] group I guess, or is this 
something that really belongs in the .kst files instead?
   iii) X Axis display/interpret/etc - Should go to a new group too?

George Staikos
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