[Kst] What happens exactly when one hits the reload button ?

George Staikos staikos at kde.org
Tue Feb 8 02:16:14 CET 2005

On Friday 04 February 2005 12:14, Brisset, Nicolas wrote:
> I was wondering what happens (the sequence of actions it leads to) when a
> user clicks the « Reload » button. Among other questions I would like to
> know whether open sources get closed (destructor called) and then reopened
> (constructor called) or if only vectors are reloaded.

   Either or both can happen. :-)

   First it tries calling _file->reset();  If that fails (or is not 
implemented), then it tries to load the source again.  If that succeeds, it 
deletes the old one.  If that fails, it retains the old one.

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