[Kst] extragear/graphics/kst/kst/extensions/js

Brisset, Nicolas Nicolas.Brisset at eurocopter.com
Tue Dec 20 16:22:40 CET 2005

>    This sounds very much like the Solaris "signals can fire 
> in different threads" bug and I'm told this is a "won't fix" 
> from Sun.  Simply linking to pthreads alone is enough to get 
> signals crossed, from what I read.  There may be little we 
> can do about this but I'll have to research it some more.
OK, I guess this is not very high priority for 1.2.0 at this stage, even
though it means JS scripting won't work on Solaris (at least Solaris 8)
as the embedded Javascript console has the same problem...


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