[Kst] Re: Kst freeze tonight

Tom Albers tomalbers at kde.nl
Wed Nov 3 20:43:30 CET 2004

Op dinsdag 2 november 2004 23:48, schreef Barth Netterfield:
> Since more than 1 week has been requested by the i18n team, I suggest we do
> an RC1 (with incomplete translations) this Friday, Nov 8 that we can
> use/test in BLAST and Planck next week while we wait for the release.  Once
> RC1 is out, we should branch and open HEAD to commits for 1.1.

Hi Barth!

Please remember that the translaters can only work in the KDE_3_3_BRANCH and 
HEAD, because only in those two the scripts to create the templates and po's 
are run. 

So although your procedure sounds logical, for i18n it is a problem. A 
solution could be to create a temporary branch where development continues 
and merge that with HEAD after the release.

> How much time does the i18n team need?  Is Nov 18 a good day for the formal
> release?

The dutch team does need a bit of time. The 18th sounds doable, as far as I 
can tell at the moment.

Thanks for communicating these things! 

Tom Albers
KDE Netherlands.
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