[Kst] Re: Kst freeze tonight

George Staikos staikos at kde.org
Mon Nov 1 22:52:04 CET 2004

On Monday 01 November 2004 15:49, Tom Albers wrote:
> Op maandag 1 november 2004 18:30, schreef George Staikos:
> > We also have a question.  As for our documentation, we would like to make
> > additions still.  Is anyone translating it, and would they object to more
> > changes going into the docs in our bugfix releases after 1.0.0? (1.0.1,
> > etc) How about during the "freeze"?
> A Dutch translator is working very hard on kst at the moment. He has
> indicated that he wants to review the gui because he has founds some errors
> (and there a 160 strings left in the gui todo since he translated it the
> first time).
> Also he has indicated the it would be good if there could be a thorough
> review of the doc and gui by a second pair of eyes. I guess the deadline of
> 12 November, 11 days from now is a bit short to get this all arranged in
> time. For the doc he still needs to do 378 strings. This nearly undoable
> for us in time, even without a review.
> Due to this system and the time between the changes made and ending up in
> the right po's, I would prefer a total freeze. Important changes should be
> made of course, maybe you could give us a hint why something has changed so
> someone can quickly adjust the translation.
> Hope you can give us a few days more.

  We'll discuss among Kst developers and get back to you ASAP.  I think we 
have all the i18n() changes in CVS now.  I had hoped to get in one more 
feature but I think that's dangerous at this point - it will be too buggy.  
The docs are an outstanding issue but I understand your need to freeze them.  

  How much time exactly do you think you need?

  Also I will be in Paris from Thursday Nov 4 until Nov 13.  If any i18n team 
members need a demo or a meeting to learn how Kst works and what things mean, 
I could arrange that one evening, either in person in Paris, or on IRC since 
I'll be closer to most of your schedules.

George Staikos
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