[Kst] fits and filters

Barth Netterfield netterfield at astro.utoronto.ca
Wed Jul 28 03:57:23 CEST 2004

*** Fits ***

-Fits should not be new types.  Instead they should be created from KstPlugins 
and KstCurves by the the rmb selected fit or filter dialogs.

-The current plot rmb selected fit dialog for creating fits is mainly good.
-The fit dialog should only be used for creating the fits, not editing them. 
-The disabled X and Y input combos could be changed to QLabels.  
-The Dialog will
	-create a kstplugin
	-create a curve from the outputs of the plugin
	-put the curve in the plot
	-put a label in the plot.
-The labels should be floating kstlabels.  

-The parameters should be inserted as kstscalars in the labels

-Newlines should be indicated with \n.  I will modify kstlabel to ~support 

-The fit label stuff can be removed everywhere (eg, the plot dialog and 

-The fit stuff can be removed from the data manager.

-To edit a fit's curve properties, edit its curve.  To edit a fit's plugin 
properties, edit the plugin.

-Changing the Plugin used by a KstPlugin which produces vectors which are used 
in a curve is currently broken, and needs to be fixed. (George)

*** Filters ***
-Filters are not new types.  They are just plugins, with a strategy parallel 
to fits.  (ie, they are created from plugins and curves with a convenience 

-There will be an plot rmb selected dialog which looks a lot like the fit 
-It will have a combo-box which lists all Plugins with _isFilter == true.
-It will list the X and Y vectors of the selected curve in QLabels
-It will allow the other input parameters to be adjusted, as with the fit 
-it will have a curve appearance widget.
-the dialog will
	-create a kstplugin
	-create a curve from the outputs of the plugin
	-put the curve in the plot

-We will probably want to embed this dialog in the wizard, so implement it as 
a widget embeded in a dialog.  The actual creation part will have to be 
overriden in the wizard though.


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