[Kst] Re: Fits

George Staikos staikos at kde.org
Tue Jul 27 02:22:58 CEST 2004

On Monday 26 July 2004 19:08, C. Barth Netterfield wrote:
> BUT: There appears to be an issue with editing plugins in general:
> 	if you edit a plugin (change its type), then old vectors used by existing
> curves appear to become orphans. (George?).  With plugins, it seems to me

   Yup, that's a bug.  This is also why I'm quite concerned about the present 
design - it's a bug in 3 places now.  Plugins, fits, and filters.  I think 
the whole design needs to be rethought.  The plugin stuff was already a bit 
messy, now it's messy x 3.  There are other bugs I know of too, some of which 
are hard to fix.

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