[Kst] Re: Fits

C. Barth Netterfield netterfield at physics.utoronto.ca
Tue Jul 27 01:08:58 CEST 2004

The other option is for the fit dialog to create a kst plugin, then create a 
kstcurve.  Then to edit curve props, edit the curve.  To edit plugin props, 
edit the plugin.  Essentially, the fit dialog is just a convenience dialog 
(in the spirit of the data wizard).

BUT: There appears to be an issue with editing plugins in general: 
	if you edit a plugin (change its type), then old vectors used by existing 
curves appear to become orphans. (George?).  With plugins, it seems to me 
that the only option is to prevent any plugin whose vectors are being used in 
curves from having its plugin type changed.

BUT: a fit need not have any such restriction - the X and Y output vectors 
always exist, so one should be able to change the fit at will.....  And the 
current architecture could allow that.

BUT: in the current architecture, a fit 'has a' plugin, so they both show up 
in the data manager.  This is not good.  

Let's come to a consensus though, before more hacking.  I'm meeting w/ George 
tomorrow.  Can we call?


On Monday 26 July 2004 06:28 pm, Andrew Walker wrote:
> There has to be a KstFitCurve as we are displaying a curve from the fit.
> When editing it should modify both the plugin and the fit curve properties.
> The alternative would be not to allow them to edit the plugin properties
> (scalar values for example) but only the curve properties. If they wanted
> to change the fit itself they could delete the existing fit and create a
> new one. Which is your preference?
> Andrew
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> From: "C. Barth Netterfield" <netterfield at physics.utoronto.ca>
> Reply-To: netterfield at astro.utoronto.ca
> Date:  Mon, 26 Jul 2004 18:16:43 -0400
> >On Monday 26 July 2004 06:09 pm, Andrew Walker wrote:
> >> Hi Barth,
> >>
> >> I'll take a look at it and see what is wrong.
> >> Is it just that the editing is not working?
> >>
> >> Andrew
> >
> >That, and a conceptual problem.  Do you edit the fit or the plugin?
> >Why is there a kstfitcurve type at all.  I sent a more complete discussion
> > of my worries earlier.
> >
> >Currently, the edit stuff is just commented out in fitdialog, because I
> >couldn't tell what it was suppose to do.  It looked like it was just
> > editing the plugin.
> >
> >cbn
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