[Kst] Cryptic i18n strings

Federico Zenith zenith at chemeng.ntnu.no
Fri Jul 23 01:05:14 CEST 2004

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1- On your homepage, there is the following code:

<a href="mailto:kst at kde.org/">kst at kde.org</a>.

it should be:

<a href="mailto:kst at kde.org">kst at kde.org</a>.

or else people will send mails to kst at kde.org/, which does not look like a 
very valid address.

2- more serious things: I am the responsible of the Italian translation of 
Kst. I'd like to ask you to use the comment facility of the i18n() function 
more often. Today I stumbled upon three strings with "fit label" in them.
Such a string CANNOT be translated correctly without an undestanding of what 
it is meant.

a- the action will to fit a label (label of what? Fit relatively to what? How 
do you fit a label anyway?);
b- the label is "fit", that is, it is appropriate;
c- the label is the label related to a fitting operation;
d- the label is the label of a curve obtained by curve fitting;
and so on.

Please keep in mind that most translators do _not_ use the CVS version of your 
program, often they don't use it at all. Using so cryptic strings is a good 
recipe for bad translations.

- -Federico
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