[Kst] Image data type

Barth Netterfield netterfield at astro.utoronto.ca
Thu Jul 22 16:51:44 CEST 2004

Great.  Before too much gets written, does anyone have any comments on the 
class arrangement?  George?

Thinking more about (B) (which is not happening today)
Tri-linear interpolated makes sense for under-resolved maps, but may or may 
not make sense for over-resolved maps.  Then we *may* want to bin over a 
pixel rather than tri-linear interpolate to pixel centres.

 This implies that we may have more kstArray sub-classes, like a 
kstBinnedArray.  Basically going down the kstEquationCurve, kstPSDCurve, 
kstHScurve path.

Or perhaps we should be doing all of this in plugins, and only have kstarrays. 
(if we do it in plugins, the issue is - can the command line be sure of the 
existance of a given plugin?  Do we want 'builtins' to suplement 'plugins'?



A): kstarray which takes:
        vector, nx, ny, minx, miny 
*** note 'vector' is of length nx*ny
and outputs:
        nx by ny array. 

B) kstTriLinearArray which takes:
        vector X, vector Y, vector Z, nxpix, nypix, 
and outputs 
        a trilinear interpolated nx by ny array from Xmax to Xmin and Ymax to 

On July 21, 2004 07:28 pm, rchern wrote:
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> > *** I guess that would be 'Rick, do you want to .... '
> I guess I will first work on making a KstArray.
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