[Kst] Image data type

George Staikos staikos at kde.org
Tue Jul 20 22:47:06 CEST 2004

On Tuesday 20 July 2004 16:37, Rick Chern wrote:
> George Staikos wrote:
> >>Images would be like curves, except they have 3 vectors instead of 2.
> >>So they would be used in similar ways to curves, mostly for plotting 3D
> >>data on a 2D plot.  Zooming and scrolling on images would be analogous
> >>to zooming and scrolling on curves.  It seems to make sense to have
> >>images as data objects, just as curves are data objects.
> >
> >   This makes me think that they belong in their own view objects.
> Hm, I'm not sure what you mean by belonging in their own view objects -
> should they be plotted in something other than Kst2DPlot?
> >   Is it going to be common that people will want 2d curves drawn over
> > images, or is it just a "bonus feature"?  If it's just a "bonus feature"
> > I'm more tempted to do the transparency approach.
> It probably will be common, but maybe less common than just having an
> image alone in a plot.

   These are related ideas.  I think we need to have a KstImagePlot class to 
avoid bloating Kst2DPlot code-wise (making it much more complicated, 
especially event handling) and to avoid penalizing Kst2DPlot performance-wise 
for a less-common case.

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