[Kst] Image data type

Theodore Kisner kisner at physics.ucsb.edu
Tue Jul 20 21:51:08 CEST 2004

Several months ago I seem to recall a similar discussion where we were going 
to have a Kst3DPlot to do projections of 3D datasets...  Would that be a 
reasonable alternative to throwing all that stuff into Kst2DPlot?  All common 
functionality between the two was going to be put in libkst if I recall...

Of course, I've not contributed any code towards this goal, so take my opinion 
as a comment from the masses :-)


On Tuesday 20 July 2004 14:18, George Staikos wrote:
> On Tuesday 20 July 2004 14:00, Rick Chern wrote:
> > - images will be plotted on the 2D plot, using colours/shades to
> > represent z
>    Hm this interferes with my pixmap memory reduction scheme.  What kind of
> colorspace are we talking about for these?
> > - images will be plotted underneath any curves
>    What exactly are they for?  (ie, can you give a concrete example of the
> problem this is solving?)  I'm wondering if it makes sense to use a
> separate data object, or perhaps have transparency in data objects to use
> an illusion of them being in the same object.  In particular I'm concerned
> with performance and pixmap pressure.
> > Changes I would make:
> > - create a KstImage class inheriting from KstDataObject (not
> > KstBaseCurve)
>    Good plan.
> > - add Image button to the New section of data manager
>    If it's part of Kst2DPlot, shouldn't it really be part of the plot
> dialog then?  Effectively it has the same standing as a label or legend at
> that point.
> > - make changes to Kst2DPlot to set, remove, and plot the image, if the
> > plot has one
>     I'm not entirely sure what the purpose of images are so I can't comment
> further here, but I don't see anything particularly wrong with it at the
> moment.

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