[Kst] Image data type

George Staikos staikos at kde.org
Tue Jul 20 22:02:19 CEST 2004

On Tuesday 20 July 2004 14:57, Rick Chern wrote:
> >   Hm this interferes with my pixmap memory reduction scheme.  What kind
> > of colorspace are we talking about for these?
> I think it might be a problem - probably at least 16 bits would be
> needed to display more than grayscale.

   Hm, no, I think we need probably 24bit at least.  That's not so good for 
pixmap pressure, but at least I'll make it configurable in the back buffer so 
we can expand the depth only when needed.

> Images would be like curves, except they have 3 vectors instead of 2.
> So they would be used in similar ways to curves, mostly for plotting 3D
> data on a 2D plot.  Zooming and scrolling on images would be analogous
> to zooming and scrolling on curves.  It seems to make sense to have
> images as data objects, just as curves are data objects.

   This makes me think that they belong in their own view objects.

> >   If it's part of Kst2DPlot, shouldn't it really be part of the plot
> > dialog then?  Effectively it has the same standing as a label or legend
> > at that point.
> Images should be able to be not plotted, or plotted on more than one
> plot, so I think making them analogous to curves would make sense.

   Is it going to be common that people will want 2d curves drawn over images, 
or is it just a "bonus feature"?  If it's just a "bonus feature" I'm more 
tempted to do the transparency approach.

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