[Kst] Looks like we need a new mini-release... 0.99.1

Andrew Walker arwalker at sumusltd.com
Thu Aug 26 05:34:55 CEST 2004

Hi Barth,

We don't have much testing time on any of these
new features but if we go for ii) then Marc-Antoine
would also get his fix for the log fixed-scale problem.

That said my preference would be i) as its too easy
to get into a cycle of rapid releases because you're
continually fixing a bug introduced by the last one.

I'll leave the choice, but if you go for ii) please
let us know when you want everything in by. Rick will
be focusing on wrapping everything up anyway.


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Subject: [Kst] Looks like we need a new mini-release... 0.99.1

One of the BLAST guys just found a pretty serious bug today, which I just
fixed.  We need to release a fix for it.

We can either
	i) patch the 0.99 branch
	ii) make a new mini-release from head.

I am really excited by the many new features which have flooded in from the
west in the last couple days, so I would love to do (ii) if we think it is
stable enough.

Andrew and Rick: how ready does HEAD feel to you for a mini-release?  Can we
spend Thursday poking and polishing, so I can package up tomorrow night?
Then back to the races Friday.

what do you think?

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