[Kst] Re: KST + PIOLib

George Staikos staikos at kde.org
Mon Oct 20 22:50:16 CEST 2003

On Monday 20 October 2003 11:29, Barth Netterfield wrote:
> Should be no problem.  George (our illustrious programmer) is working on
> this code now, and there should be something useable (better than
> pre-alpha) 'soon'.  There seem to be considerable issues with piolib (which
> George will enumerate) which will have to be dealt with and which are
> slowing things down.

   I've run into some memory management and buffer overflow issues in piolib 
which I think really should be addressed.  As well the data interface is hard 
to mesh with existing programs without doing copies (which are quite 
expensive).  There are other items but I'd like to finish the plugin code 
before I formalize the list of issues.  I might be  able to work around some 
of them.

> kst at kde.org is the kst list, so you can communicate with all involved here.

   You can subscribe at http://mail.kde.org/mailman/listinfo/kst .

> > Anyway, I mentioned to Marc-Antoine that we at Imperial would be
> > particularly interested in 'beta testing' the PIOLib interface since we
> > work almost exclusively with timelines here. Please let us know if that
> > would be possible/useful and/or when a full PIOLib version will become
> > available.

   If you are subscribed to the mailing list you can follow the development as 
it actually happens.  All the CVS commits are posted with summaries and 
occasional diffs here, and bug reports are echoed here.

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