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George Staikos staikos at kde.org
Mon Jul 7 19:51:00 CEST 2003

On July 7, 2003 13:41, Barth Netterfield wrote:

> >    It's great!  Delete doesn't work yet though - it "deletes" it, but the
> > image seems to hang around.
> Hmmm.....  It deletes it for me...  I shall investigate.

  Now I'm confused.  I see it delete sometimes, and other times it doesn't.  
Most of the time it doesn't.

> >    Any intentions of making them draggable?
> Well, for now, select, delete, click new location, ok moves pretty easily..
> but yes - dragable would be kool.


> Another bug: the selection mechanism doesn't know about rotated text - it
> thinks it is horiontal.  Should be easy to fix (?)...


> > > Fixed vector problems:
> > > 	-changing rvector ranges now works
> > > 	-fixed sigma and rms scalars
> >
> >    Ok I had started into this one but good catch!  Sorry about leaving
> > these bugs lurking, I just didn't stumble across them in testing yet and
> > I wasn't sure about how some of that code worked.
> >
> >    There are still more bugs in here though.  Specifically, I know of
> > ways to crash it.  I'm still trying to trace those down.
> I am working on some gnarly bugs related to real time in here - it is
> basically unusable now.  So I am going to be playing around in the vecor
> code for a few hours now - I am in the best position to fix it, since I am
> looking at real live live  time streams...

   Ok great...  I found the bug I was searching for too.  I think we need a 
better way to create objects - some way that they can fail.  As far as I can 
see, the only ways are:

1)   _valid state with an isValid() in KstObject, or similar.
2)  C++ exceptions
3)  using factory method instead of constructor - 
      ex: static KstPluginPtr KstPlugin::create();
     this could return a null ptr.
4) slightly evil, but the objects could remove themselves from the list again
    so the refcount would go to zero eventually.

I like #3 best.

The real need for this is so that if we open an invalid file or something like 
that, we can give an error instead of just crashing.

> I do have a bug for you -
> Which Vector?
>         Create a curve
>         Edit a vector in the curve: change it's name
>         Now the curve doesn't know about the vector... it refers to an old
>                 version of the pre-edit vector.
> 	PROBLEMS: clearly we are allowing orphan vectors (bad)
> 		It does not do the convenient thing (change the name everywhere the
> vector is referenced)

   I have to investigate this more before I can comment.  However I don't 
think we should be referencing by vector name anywhere, only by ptr.  There 
could be cases where we need to update the display that aren't happening...  
I'll work on this one next.

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