[Kst] KST bug

Karl Meredith kvm at cfdrc.com
Thu Dec 4 19:25:29 CET 2003

I am new to using KST.  I noticed that there is a problem when reading
in ascii data.  If the data is written in scientific notation with a
capital E (ie. 1E-2) then kst cannot read it.  If it comes from stdin
with a capital E, then kst reads it just fine.  Here's an example.
I have three data files that should all result in the same plot.

==> test1.dat <==
1 0.1
2 0.3
3 0.2

==> test2.dat <==
1 1e-1
2 3e-1
3 2e-1

==> test3.dat <==
1 1E-1
2 3E-1
3 2E-1

>> kst -x 1 -y 2 test1.dat
works just fine.  The plot comes up and looks good.

>> kst -x 1 -y 2 test2.dat
still works just fine.  

>> kst -x 1 -y 2 test3.dat
doesn't give anything and kst exits.

However, if I get test3.dat from stdin,
>> cat test3.dat|kst -x 1 -y 2 stdin
then it works just fine.

I am working with some FORTRAN programs that output in the capital E
scientific notation format.  

Also, on a side note, kst doesn't seem to plot the last data point in
the file.

Any fixes or help that you could provide on these issues would be
greatly appreciated.



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