[Ksecretservice-devel] Using PropertiesChanged instead of our own signals?

Stef Walter stefw at gnome.org
Tue Jan 31 14:01:26 UTC 2012

Hi there.

I've been working on GObject style bindings for the Secret Service API.

One thing I noticed was that the standard PropertiesChanged dbus signal
covers the use cases for all of our custom signals in the Secret Service

 * CollectionCreated
 * CollectionDeleted
 * CollectionChanged
 * ItemCreated
 * ItemDeleted
 * ItemChanged

In fact the Secret Service was spec'd out before the PropertiesChanged
signal became part of the dbus standard. In gnome-keyring we haven't yet
implemented these signals.

Have you in ksecretservice used these signals or do you use

If we're not yet committed to the above signals, I would suggest
changing to PropertiesChanged for simplicity and clarity. WDYT?



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