[Ksecretservice-devel] [gmane] List renaming?

Lars Ingebrigtsen larsi at gnus.org
Sat Sep 17 14:13:11 UTC 2011

Valentin Rusu <kde at rusu.info> writes:

> Our not yet released project needs a name adjustement, from
> KSecretService to KSecretsService.
> In the move, the related mailing list should be renamed and I'd like to
> ask you if gmane allow for this, before proceeding to list rename on
> kde.org side.
> The list is referenced here:
> http://dir.gmane.org/gmane.comp.kde.devel.ksecretservice
> I tried "edit" link, but the list name seems not editable.
> Is this kind of operation possible on gmane?

Gmane group names can't be renamed, but the lists they refer to can be

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