[Ksecretservice-devel] ksecretsservice client API moved to kdelibs branch

Valentin Rusu kde at rusu.info
Sun Sep 4 15:44:23 UTC 2011


Please be informed that the ksecretsservice API that aims to replace
KWallet API started it's journey to kdelibs integration.
Preamble: I'm aware of the kdereview process, but in the case at hand
that'll require way too more adjustments and GIT history imports as
current playground repository combines several components, intended to
go into kdelibs, kwallet, kde-baseapps and so on. For this reason, I
propose to do the review phase from a dedicated branch named
ksecretsservice that I'll create inside each of the target repository.
Finally, the client API was (quickly) reviewed by Olivier and I think
others are also checking it regularly ;-)

Here is the current status of the code:

* branch ksecretsservice
- kdeui/util/kwallet.cpp - has code to handle ksecretsservice if
configured as such
- kdeui/ksecretsservice

Imported inside this directory the directory
playground/ksecretsservice/client preserving GIT history
tests are located under the tests directory and they currently PASS if
you're installing playground modules (see below)

removed directories "client" and "lib"
adjusted all other components
the daemon currently let kdeui/ksecretsservice/tests to PASS


Valentin Rusu (IRC valir, KDE vrusu)
KSecretsService (former KSecretService, KWallet replacement)

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