[KPhotoAlbum] About geolocation

Tobias Leupold tobias.leupold at gmx.de
Fri Sep 6 12:37:24 BST 2019

Hi Salvador!

> 1) Is it possible to associate elements from a category (i.e. Places)
> with a GPS coordinate?
No, this isn't possible (yet), but I actually thought about this. Problem is
that those coordinates would have to be written to the images, and
principally, KPA itself does not change image files ... you could do this via
a script, get all images having tag x from the xml db and add the coordiantes
via exiftool or something else. You can also get a list on all file names
shown in the preview with "Run with own command line" (or so).

> 2) Can I add geolocation information to index.xml? (Is the EXIF database
> the only source?)
The coordinates are read from the images's EXIF header and cached in the EXIF
db. So they don't appear in index.xml.

> Also, when I first tried the map (really nice BTW) KPA triggered an EXIF
> database rebuild, it didn't give a clue in the UI and the WM assumed it
> was "non responsive". My database is a middle size one (28k+ photos) and
> it took many minutes to finish the scan.
It should at least tell you you can possibly get a coffee or two now ;-) I'll
have a look at this. Thanks for the hint!

Cheers, Tobias

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