[KPhotoAlbum] About geolocation

Salvador Eduardo Tropea stropea at inti.gob.ar
Fri Sep 6 12:20:19 BST 2019


I'm using v5.4.2 (Debian 10) and I have a couple of questions:

1) Is it possible to associate elements from a category (i.e. Places) 
with a GPS coordinate?

2) Can I add geolocation information to index.xml? (Is the EXIF database 
the only source?)

Also, when I first tried the map (really nice BTW) KPA triggered an EXIF 
database rebuild, it didn't give a clue in the UI and the WM assumed it 
was "non responsive". My database is a middle size one (28k+ photos) and 
it took many minutes to finish the scan.

Best regards,


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