[KPhotoAlbum] Using KPhotoAlbum from Windows 10

Jesper K. Pedersen blackie at blackie.dk
Sun Oct 13 15:26:24 BST 2019

Hi, you might remember me, I was the original developer of KPhotoAlbum, 
but then life happened to me - two daughters and a change to use a 
Surface Pro as my only computer (Hint I can't run Linux on it - yes I 

Ever since I switched to use Windows 10 as my default platform I've 
fought hard to try and get KPA back in my life. I obviously tried 
compiling it on windows, but failed. Second I tried running it under the 
linux subsystem on window, which worked OKish, but not that reliable in 
the end, and now I'm using VirtualBox with a Linux inside it.

That works, except for one thing: Video Playback.

Whatever I tried, I simply couldn't get it to play reliably, and would 
either freeze or be very jerky....

So in the end I wrote a very simply windows app which listens for a 
connection from KPA, and once the two are connected, KPA will tell the 
windows app to play videos for it.

If you want to try it out, you need to fetch the branch 
*feature/remote-video-player*. Once you have compiled KPhotoAlbum from 
there, go to settings->Viewer, and check the checkbox labeled *Use 
external viewer for videos.

Next you need to compile the application in the *RemoteVideoPlayer 
*subdirectory, and run that on your windows machine.

Once you open a video file, KPA will connect to your windows machine and 
it will play it natively on windows.


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