[KPhotoAlbum] New website design

Johannes Zarl-Zierl johannes at zarl-zierl.at
Sat Dec 21 15:08:47 GMT 2019

Hi everyone!

The KDE website team has created a new website for KPhotoAlbum. Visually, the 
site reflects our goal of moving closer towards the rest of the KDE community.

The old site has served us well over the years, but some things were hard to 
find and other information was duplicated between the website the KDE Userbase 
Wiki. We tried hard to clean up the site content and make it nicer to browse.

>From a technical viewpoint, the new site uses a static site generator, which 
hopefully makes things easier for the sysadmin team. 

Since the new site has gone live today, I invite everyone to take a look at


A very special thanks to Simon Krull who did the initial port from PHP to 
Jekyll, and to Carl Schwan who listened to our needs and polished the site to 
the point where it is today. Without them, this move would not have been 

While we're at it: another thanks to the KDE sysadmin team! Most of the time, 
it's easy to forget about you because things "just work". Yet, whenever some 
thing breaks or a change requires your help, you're always quick to help!

  (KPhotoAlbum maintainer)
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