[KPhotoAlbum] Searching

Joe josephj at main.nc.us
Thu Oct 18 07:23:50 BST 2018

On 10/17/2018 08:41 PM, Robert Krawitz wrote:
> Something else that occurred to me about searching is that it could be
> useful to save complex searches (named views, in essence).  At
> present, all searches are ad hoc.  Just a bit of an idle thought,
> maybe.
While we're brainstorming ;)  : I'm lazy. I have about 7000 of our 35000
images tagged and will almost certainly never catch up. I can do around
100/per hour when I'm fresh, but I can't maintain that for very long.
That's almost 300 hours of work just to catch up! (And my collection of
pictures is way smaller than yours!)

What I'd like is some sort of AI thing that would look at all my
human-tagged images and learn how to tag the new/untagged ones for me
automatically, maybe leaving an untagged/unfinished tag on them so I'd
know they need to be reviewed.

I'm talking about something "conceptually" basic. Something like add the
tag "Deer" (which already exists and is selected on many pictures) to
any picture with deer in it. I've never looked at whatever facial
recognition stuff is already in KPA, but something like that for things
other than people's faces would be great.

In other words, I'm primarily looking for something which "recognizes"
features/objects (and, to a lesser extent, locations/settings (I don't
have GPS cameras)).

I am *not* looking for anything which "understands", "evaluates", or
"interprets" images in any way. I'd be totally happy with it if it
couldn't tell the difference between a picture of a painting of a deer,
a picture of a deer lawn sculpture, and a picture of a live deer. (And I
do care about things other than deer! ;)  )

I realize that  this might be a large undertaking and a bit far afield
from what KPA does now, but it would sure help me! And it is all about
classifying/organizing pictures which is KPA's claim to fame (IMHO).

I don't actually expect anybody to take this on, but wanted to put the
idea out there anyway.


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