[KPhotoAlbum] no kipi plugins in kphotoalbum on fedora 25

Andreas Schleth schleth_es at web.de
Thu Apr 27 20:25:17 BST 2017

Hi G,

yes, it rings.

Some time ago I noticed that the Kipi plugins are going down the drain, 
as it seems that the digicam community has decided to incorporate a lot 
of their functionality directly into digicam. So these most useful 
plugins get scrapped while everything else is being ported to QT5 / KF5 

However, if you were able to pick up some of these old QT4-versions and 
port them to QT5 yourself you could do some good to everybody using 
different tools than digicam.

Best regards, Andreas

On 27.04.2017 05:04, g wrote:
> Hi,
> I wonder if anyone else has come across this problem
> I have been using kphotoalbum happily over many years, but on a machine
> I setup a few months ago with fedora 25, I do not see the thumbnails
> when browsing. I can see an image if I click on the rectangle where the
> thumbnails should be.
> When I go to the preferences and look for the plugin settings I see none
> available, although I have installed every kipi plugin rpm in the
> distribution.
> Does this ring any bells?
> Thanks
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