[KPhotoAlbum] Building 4.6.2 for Debian Jessie

Matthias Heukäufer m.heukaeufer at posteo.de
Wed Sep 23 16:10:56 BST 2015


I am trying to build the stable release for Debian Jessie, but run into 
problems with KGeoMap which is not available as a separate package in 

I think that it should be possible to use the package 
"digikam-private-libs" which contains /usr/lib/digikam/libkgeomap.so.1 
and the header files from the digikam sources, but I cannot figure out 
how to tell cmake where to look for these files.

Can somebody give me a hint as how to change CMakeLists.txt so I can 
build a Debian package?

On a side note: I have been able to build and use (with 
LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/usr/lib/digikam/) KGeoMap in KPhotoAlbum with Debian 
Wheezy, but it seems that the digikam packages in Jessie do not contain 
all the necessary files any more.

Thank you!

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