[KPhotoAlbum] Can't see images -> broken index.xml?

Johannes Zarl johannes at zarl.at
Sun Feb 15 11:55:59 GMT 2015

Am 15. Februar 2015 00:04:56 MEZ, schrieb "Risto H. Kurppa" <risto at kurppa.fi>:

>By the way, how do I remove git-compiled, installed version of KPA - or
>what do I need to do to overwrite it with my latest compile. It seems
>to be
>stuck now on a release and no matter how many times I cmake/make/make
>install, it won't change. The version from repository has been removed.
>I now run from the build directory.

Normally, a "make uninstall" in your build directory should be sufficient.
If you deleted your build dir or changed the CMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX, you have
 to compile again with the same prefix as your installation, do an make install
(to recreate the file cmake_install_manifest.txt) and a make uninstall.

After this, you can install kpa in another prefix, if you like.


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