[KPhotoAlbum] Message on renaming categories

Tobias Leupold tobias.leupold at web.de
Sat Feb 14 11:14:02 GMT 2015

Hi Risto!

This step was necessary because older versions of KPA did store localized 
versions of the standard categories "People", "Places" etc., instead of using 
the C locale (English) names (which are automatically translated at run-time 
to the set locale). This led to several problems, esp. with the recently added 
positionable tag and face detection/recognition implementation. Just to 
clarify what we're talking about ;-)

The category and tag thumbnails (not to be confused with the thumbnails of 
your photos!) also were stored with the category name in the filename, so that 
they also have to be moved. Just an example: if we had a German locale and set 
an individual thumbnail for a Person named "Tobias" in the category "People", 
there's a file named "Personen-Tobias.jpg" inside the "CategoryImages" 
directory of your collection. When fixing the category names ("Personen" is 
the translation of the "People" category), this file has to be moved to 

And here you have your choice:

If you want to keep on using the new KPA version, simply select "Yes" and save 
your database afterwards. The category names will be fixed and the category 
thumbnails will be renamed to the correct name. Of course, you _will_ have to 
save the database afterwards, so that the new category names become 

If you just want to have a look at all this, do not have write access or 
whatever, you can select "No", which will cause the category names to be 
remapped for the current session (in-memory), but the category thumbnails 
won't be touched. This of course leads to a file like "Personen-Tobias.jpg" 
remaining as-is, but it's category being referred as "People", not "Personen". 
And so, you won't see those thumbnails for the currently opened session (KPA 
will look for "People-Tobias.jpg", not for "Personen-Tobias.jpg").

Well, and if you don't move the thumbnails, but save your database, "Personen" 
will become "People" in the database, but the old "Personen-*.jpg" files will 
still be around. KPA won't find them afterwards of course, and so they will be 
lost. So here we are:

Either, you move the thumbnails and save your database, or you don't move your 
thumbnails and don't save your database.

I hope I could explain what's going on :-)

Cheers, Tobias

E-Mail vom 14.02.2015, 10:22 von Risto H. Kurppa:
> Hi there and congrats on 4.6!!
> I pulled the latest GIT version (as I failed to install the 4.6 deb).
> When starting KPA, I get this message:
> "This version of KPhotoAlbum will fix some issues with old category names
> by renaming them. As a consequence, existing tag and category thumbnails
> have to be moved accordingly. If you select "Yes", please be sure to save
> the database as your next step. If you select "No", you won't see the
> thumbnails for the respective categories now. If you do so, please don't
> save the database. Otherwise, the thumbnails will be lost!
> Should the existing category and tag thumbnails be updated now?"
> [YES / NO]
> I have no idea what to press..
> YES -> It changes stuff and rebuilds tag thumbails and then I should
> immediately save?
> NO -> It doesn't change anything and still I can't see thumbnails and I'm
> not allowed to save?
> Someone please clarify me how this works and what should I press and then
> try also to clarify the text..
> Risto

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