[KPhotoAlbum] Associating multiple tags with one area?

Tobias Leupold tobias.leupold at web.de
Sun Oct 5 18:17:54 BST 2014

Hi Hugues(?),

> Is there any simple way to add multiple tags to one area?
No, this is currently not possible. One tag per area.

> If not, is there anything serious preventing this feature from being
> implemented?
Well, probably, one could implement this somehow. But the intention behind the 
positionable tags was to be able to tag faces (on current git master, we 
already have face detection and face recognition). Tagging faces, we don't 
need multiple tags per area but only one. With this in mind, we did the 

The way the data is stored in the database is the following:

	<option name="People">
		<value value="Someone" area="1713 817 164 164"/>

so probably, other tags could "simply" reference the same area and thus be 
added as tags to the same area. If someone would implement this, one would 
have to think about how to handle multiple tags. A list of all tags would have 
to be created and the user would have to be able to maintain it in a 
convenient way, without a drawback for the "single tag" users.

(Without elaborating this idea completely) I think this is anything but 
trivial to do ...

What do you do with the areas so that you need more than one tag?


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