[KPhotoAlbum] KPhotoAlbum crashes while generating thumbnails during start

Johannes Zarl isilmendil at isilme.lupus.uberspace.de
Fri Jun 7 13:13:08 BST 2013


On Friday 07 June 2013 13:08:08 Manfred Usselmann wrote:
> Am 07.06.2013 12:01, schrieb Johannes Zarl:
> > Does that mean that KPA is slow for you even when no thumbnails are
> > generated?
> Yes, exactly. I tried to explain that before.... :-)
> > I had assumed that the background-jobs for thumbnail generation are
> > essentially starving the GUI-thread. These background jobs are active
> > for as long as the "LED-like" indicator in the status bar is flashing
> > green. You can click the indicator LED to get an overview of the running
> > jobs and also for a pause/unpause button. If you pause background-jobs
> > and use the annotation dialog on a subset of your images that already
> > has thumbnails, do you still get the low performance?
> Yes, this indicator for the background jobs was already mentioned
> several times before and I thought I already made clear, that background
> jobs are not causing the issue. Indeed, I get the bad performance when
> no background jobs are running at all! As soon as I have selected a
> subset of my images and I click on 'Show Thumbnails', the problems
> start. E.G. when I click on one of the thumbnails it takes a long time
> until the image is displayed. Selecting indivdual thumbnails for
> annotation is nearly impossible. Right now I tried to open the context
> menu by right clicking on a thumbnail. It took 38 secondes until the
> context menu window appeared. After 'Show Thumbnails' everything is
> unusablely slow, but the duration of the delays seem to vary a bit. The
> indicator for background jobs is light grey all the time.

Ah, now I see. I must have managed to misread your previous mails ;-)

Can you please send me the callgrind log that you sent to Jan? (Although I'm 
still hoping for Jan to find the issue).


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