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Johannes Zarl isilmendil at isilme.lupus.uberspace.de
Fri Aug 2 16:38:38 BST 2013


Sorry for dragging this out. I haven't got much time for coding lately.

> > How does this work when only a single image from a stack is in the
> > selection? E.g. I have raws and jpegs stacked automatically. Now I 
> > search for only raw images and tag the whole stack when only the 
raws are
> > actually within the selection list.
> > 
> > My intiution for tagging the whole stack would not care about whether 
> > stack is expanded or not if we intend the capital letter to be for whole
> > stack. One can always use the lower case letter to tag few images 
> > expanded stack.
> To be more specific, the only time I think uppercase tokens should not
> tag the entire stack is if the stack has been explicitly expanded, with
> Expand All Stacks or by clicking on the stack.  If you've simply
> selected only part of the stack, without manually expanding it, then
> uppercase tokens should tag the entire stack.
> My understanding is that IncludeAllStacks is only different from
> ExpandCollapsedStacks if the stack has been explicitly expanded.  I want
> to err on the side of tagging too much than too little -- the whole
> point of uppercase tags is really to tag the whole stack.

So just to be sure this is what we intend, let's do some paper test.

Assuming the demo database, with both "spiff" images stacked together, 
let's start with the stack in unexpanded state.

a) Selecting the spiff stack and pressing "a" tags only the front image (no 
surprises there).
b) Now pressing "B" stacks both images.
c) Expanding the stack, selecting only one image and pressing "C" only 
tags one image.
d) Collapsing the stack again, browsing to "All > fun", and pressing "D" 
tags both images.
e) Manually expanding the stack, browsing to "All > fun", and pressing "E" 
only tags one image.

Interaction-wise, I think the difference in behaviour between d) and e) 
could be frustrating for new users.

One possible solution would be to pop up a warning/info message when 
situation c) or e) is detected. Same thing for situation a).

Any more thoughts on this?

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