[KPhotoAlbum] Feature Request: Handling of stacks during operations

Miika Turkia miika.turkia at gmail.com
Sun Aug 19 20:08:44 BST 2012

On Sun, Aug 19, 2012 at 2:03 PM, Martin Jost <lists at majo.name> wrote:

> There is only KPA and autopanoPro involved.
> The workflow looks something like this:
> 1.
> In KPA mark the fotos belonging to panos and tag them accordingly.
> This is mainly to avoid throwing images away by accident, when I start
> to sort out the garbage among the photos taken.
> I even like to keep the images on the CF-card, until I'm through with
> all the steps.
> 2.
> Let autopanoPro find the panos and create the output.

Just after a quick look on the trial version... it seems that you can
improve this a bit (took me forever to process a dir with RAW files).

Edit the /usr/bin/AutopanoPro script (or copy it to appropriate bin dir
and edit your own version). Last line should read:
/usr/lib/AutopanoPro/AutopanoPro "$@"

Then from KPA you can execute selected images on your own command line
and type:
/usr/bin/AutopanoPro %all

A desktop file would make this more convenient (see open-raw.desktop)
under KPA's scripts directory.

> 4.
> Start KPA again and have it include the newly found panos.

You can also run Maintenance -> Rescan for Images and Videos

> 5.
> Sort the images by date, so the panos end up at their source images.
> autopanoPro seems to write the EXIF info of the first image in the pano
> to the pano output.
> 6.
> Due to the naming the pano itself, it will end up as second image after
> the first source image of the pano. Move it to correct this.

I believe this can be set up properly in the KPA settings (File
Searching & Versions)
- Make sure you have selected the autostacking for new images and try
  detect multiple versions of files
- Make sure the regexes for file versions and original file replacement
  texts are set properly

This should get the panorama automatically to the top of the stack


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