[KPhotoAlbum] ignoring hidden files & directories

Vitus Jensen vjensen at gmx.de
Wed Sep 28 00:40:34 BST 2011


Recently our photo collection maintained by KPhotoalbum 4 got accessed by 
different tools for RAW manipulation and by programs on the new MacBook. 
A lot of those programs create files or directories to hold their meta 
data on location, all dir/filenames starting with a dot ('.'), the UNIX 
convention for hidden files.

Unfortunately KPhotoalbum does not ignore those files / directories and I 
have to remove the files from KPhotoalbum on the next start manually :-( 
Is there a chance that newer KPhotoalbum versions in the future might 
ignore filenames starting with a dot?  It would really help!  And I don't 
think KPhotoalbum will miss a lot of real photos this way as the "hidden" 
meaning is a really old tradition.

Best regards,

Vitus Jensen, Hannover, Germany, Universe (current)
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