[KPhotoAlbum] Image Stacking in KPhotoAlbum

Murray Strome wmstrome at yahoo.com
Tue Mar 15 03:34:18 GMT 2011

I just learned about image stacking in KPA and it looks like a useful feature. However, I cannot figure out how to use it effectively.

Here is what I tried as an experiment:

I have two photos that I want to stack. They have the same names, except two different extensions (one is the original RAW image with .PEF extension, the other is the modified image saved as .jpg). I selected both of them and then in Edit, I selected "Merge Images as Stack". It seems to have merged these two, plus other similar ones into a stack, plus it has also merged a bunch of other ones into stacks. This is not what I had wanted. I only wanted the two I selected to be put into a stack. More importantly, the image shown after the merge is NOT the one I wanted to be visible. I see there is something saying "set as first image in stack", but I cannot figure out how to select a different one than that which is at the top of the stack.

I guess I really don't understand how to use this feature, and I have been unable to find any clear instructions online.

Can someone please explain this to me, or point me to some directions that someone has already written?



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