[KPhotoAlbum] Git migration

Jan KundrĂ¡t jkt at gentoo.org
Mon Oct 11 17:03:31 BST 2010

Andreas Neustifter wrote:
> I have maintained a GIT Mirror of the SVN repository at github for a
> while but the setup was not working properly and there were some
> unrelated commits, so I recreated the mirror from scratch and now at
> http://github.com/astifter/KPhotoAlbum-SVN-Mirror
> there is a GIT mirror of the official SVN repository.

Hi Andreas,
last time I checked there were some suggestions against using git-svn 
for publicly available repositories, but I do not recall specific 
details anymore, and can't think of any at the moment.

However, with the official availability of "official" KDE GIT 
repositories, I think we should consider switching to git. Here's a list 
of items which would have to be done:

1) Persuade Jesper that we should do that. Tuomas tried that at the 2008 
sprint, but wasn't successful.
2) "Write conversion script" which is required by KDE sysadmins. I have 
no idea if simple git-svn stuff is enough, or if the preferred 
conversion is done in a different way.
3) Figure out what else breaks if we abandon the SVN repo. Perpahs the 
release scripts need some fixing? (Last time I checked, there were no 
"release scripts" for KPA 4.x, but I've only done two releases of KPA4, 

I have plenty of other stuff to do, and given that you've already done 
"something similar", you're the usual suspect for the #2 item.

All in all, I do not care that much -- I use my own git-svn clone and 
work happily inside that. I remember that Jesper was not in favor of the 
migration process, mainly because of the "if it ain't broke, don't fix 
it" attitude. Unless he gets persuaded, the switch won't happen, and I 
guess that the biggest selling point would be "well, most of KDE is 
switching right now, or will switch pretty soon, and following all other 
projects would lower the barrier to entry for newcomers", IMHO.

Just my two cents.

Have fun,

cd /local/pub && more beer > /dev/mouth

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