[KPhotoAlbum] Arrange photos by creation date in KPhotoAlbum 4.1.1

Jesper K. Pedersen blackie at kde.org
Thu Jun 24 16:55:49 BST 2010

Maybe the order in the thumbnail viewer got broken, try choosing all images, 
and choose "View->Sort selected by date and time", which will reorder them.


On Thursday 24 June 2010 17:47:04 Murray Strome wrote:
| I asked this question a couple of years ago:
| How do I show photos in order by Creation Date (or Date Picture Taken)? The
| answer then was:
| "Upgrade to 3.1.1, then go to Settings -> Configure KPA -> Metadata ->
| Date and in the "Fields to get value from", move
| "Exif.Photo.DateTimeOriginal" to the very top. Then select all your
| images you want to fix and go to Management -> Re-Read Metadata from
| Files, select *only* "Update date and time" and press "Read File Info".
| All your image dates will be updated."
| In my installation of 4.1.1, under Settings > Configure KPhotoAlbum there
| is no "Metadata" setting. As it is now, when I ask to View > "Show oldest
| first" or "Show newest first", the photos are shown in some other order
| than the "Date Original" or "Date Digitized" in the EXIF information.
| In this particular case, the camera used had an incorrect date (in 2008). 
| I used jhead to correct the date (to May 30, 2010), the new date shows in
| the EXIF data. However, they are still shown in 2008. If I look at them
| with a file browser, the date listed is in 2008.
| Is there a new method to get the images shown in the the correct order,
| using the Capture/Original/Digitized date?
| Murray
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