[KPhotoAlbum] Three issues with KDE4 KPA

Robert Krawitz rlk at alum.mit.edu
Wed Jun 23 01:40:21 BST 2010

I finally got around to upgrading to the svn version.  A few problems
I've found:

1) Rebuilding the EXIF search database was failing when KPA was unable
   to read EXIF information from files (e. g. .xcf files or JPEG files
   without EXIF data).  Exif::database::recreate() fails whenever
   add() fails.  There's no reason for the entire recreate operation
   to fail in this case; just skip the file and move on.

Index: Database.cpp
--- Database.cpp	(revision 1141557)
+++ Database.cpp	(working copy)
@@ -316,11 +316,11 @@
         if ( i % 10 )
-        if (!success || dialog.wasCanceled())
+        if (dialog.wasCanceled())
-    if (!success || dialog.wasCanceled()) {
+    if (dialog.wasCanceled()) {
         QDir().rename(origBackup, exifDBFile());

2) I'm unable to display any .crw files from my old Digital Rebel: in
   the viewer I get either a black screen, or the previous image (if I
   was previously viewing something else).  No message is printed when
   this happens.  This is a regression (a rather serious one) from the
   KDE3 version.  I vaguely recall there had been a similar problem
   there at one point.

3) By default, items in category view are listed in reverse order
   (e. g. folder names or keywords sorted z-a).

4) Displaying thumbnails seems a bit slower than in KPA3.  When the
   thumbnails are in cache, there's a hesitation of maybe 1/4 second
   when scrolling (with page down/page up).  With KPA3, it was

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