[KPhotoAlbum] Method for copying image data.

Andreas Neustifter astifter at gmx.at
Wed Jun 9 20:35:29 BST 2010

Hi Jan!

On 5 June 2010 11:58, Jan Kundrát <jkt at gentoo.org> wrote:
> Andreas Neustifter wrote:
>> This copies all the metadata from the one image to all the others
>> without the angle attribute (this is better to take form the new
>> image I guess).
>> Its still not perfect, but any comments?
> What's already present in SVN is a button in the Annotation dialog which
> is enabled when you edit multiple images separately. Upon pressing a
> button "copy from previous", tags from the previously edited image are
> used for the current one (we do not copy dates/times, orientation and
> IIRC also not label/description, just tags; I think the main use case is
> to tag "similar images" which are typically shot in a row).
> Would that work for you?

yes, that works and I use it, but my feature goes way beyond that.
there are 2 possible use cases for the new feature that can not be
done with the current "copy from previous" in the annotation dialog:

*) sometimes I move AND change pictures so KPA does not find them
anymore and creates a new image. it would be easy to fix those issues
with a copy/paste feature:
   1.) select old (not found) picture, copy.
   2.) select new picture, paste.
   3.) delete old picture.

*) when I'm tagging a set of pictures from one occasion, I also tag
all pictures that have not people in them with a special tag, this is
vastly simpler with copy paste:
   1.) select first picture in the set with no people on it, tag it completely.
   2.) select this first tagged image, copy.
   3.) in the thumbnail view select all pictures from this occassion
that have no people on.
   4.) paste.
   i can then concentrate on tagging the people in the other pictures.
(yes, this could be done with selecting all those and tag them at
once, but I like it better this way...)

so to conclude: this is a feature that is distinct from the one in the
annotation dialog and since there is no paste function i would propose
this paste.


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