[KPhotoAlbum] Two questions: 1. Stacking and 2. untagged images

Aleksi Halkola halkola at gmail.com
Tue Jan 5 21:17:31 GMT 2010


I am a regular user of kphotoalbum (using version 4.1.1 in Gentoo) and
an irregular reader of these posts. I've tried to look through these
emails if my topics have been discussed before and didn't find
anything exactly like this so I'm asking now. Apologies if I'm
somebody else haa already had the same requests.

Question 1.
This is more of a bug report than question really. When the first
image of a stack is portrait then to open the stack I cannot click on
the lower left corner of the image but where the lower left would be
if the image was landscape. That takes a while to locate. Nice that
the cursor changes though.

Question 2.
The new untagged images is a nice feature but in fact requires images
to be tagged somehow. What I expected it to do was to find all the
images that have no tags what so ever. I have so far searched for
untagged images by specifying **NONE** for all categories. **NONE** is
not on the list of tags when defining untagged images and writing
**NONE** to the tag field didn't help either. Am I doing something
wrong or is this a 'feature' :)?

Thanks to all the people working on kphotoalbum!


Aleksi Halkola

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