[KPhotoAlbum] stable branch merged

Michael J Gruber michaeljgruber+gmane at fastmail.fm
Tue Feb 16 07:29:16 GMT 2010

Andreas Neustifter venit, vidit, dixit 15.02.2010 23:58:
> Hey Jan!
> On 15.02.2010, at 23:34, Jan Kundrát wrote:
>> Andreas Neustifter wrote:
>>> Are there any plans to merge these two branches? Otherwise its next  
>>> to
>>> impossible for me to do any useful work...
>> Agreed. Andreas, thanks for your feedback. Even though there wasn't  
>> much
>> stuff exclusively in the stable branch anyway, I've merged it back to
>> trunk in r1090735.
> Thanks so much!
>> Dear contributors, please make sure that each and every of your fixes
>> which hit the "stable branch"
>> (branches/stable/extragear-kde4/graphics/kphotoalbum) hit trunk, too.
>> I'd leave it up to Jesper to decide if the stable branch is still  
>> needed.
> I guess fixes should go into trunk first, and then (as with all other  
> changes as well) they are merged to stable eventually which leads up  
> to a new release. Thats the usual path ... :-)

I'm sorry, but no, the usual path with a reasonable VCS is to code fixes
against the earliest stable release (maintenance branch) which show the
bug and which are still actively maintained. Then, patches are merged
*upwards* towards more recent maintenance branches and finally to trunk.
It's the only direction which makes sense, since newer versions
(branches) "contain" older ones.

The same applies to features, by the way.

That would be much clearer (and way more painless) with a VCS such as
Git, of course...


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