[KPhotoAlbum] Lists and Folders and Stuff.

Andreas Neustifter astifter at gmx.at
Sat Feb 6 20:25:23 GMT 2010


first of all: I love kphotoalbum, its perfect for showing people that  
it _is_ possible to find the 10 pictures your searching for out of  

I usually have all the pictures of one shoot/event in one folder,  
select the best with tokens and save the list (not as kim-File  
usually, I use bash-scripts a lot, so I like plain text lists...).

It would be able to re-import this lists, because I would like to:
*) refine the selection
*) export HTML-albums
*) ...

Another thing that bugs me is that I can not select the pictures from  
just one folder (without its subfolders). When I select a folder then  
I get all pictures form the folder and all its subfolders. Thats good  
usually, but then I select as folder "no other" (or however its  
called :) and I still get all the subfolder-contents. I would expect  
to get the pictures for just the current folder. Is that reasonable?

Again, thanks a lot,


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