[KPhotoAlbum] Multiple versions of an image

Aleksi Halkola halkola at gmail.com
Wed Dec 8 22:09:13 GMT 2010

Hi again,

Thanks for making this great program!

I found a solution that I think will work pretty well for me. I took 
inspiration from http://www.hardakers.net/kphotoalbum/#sec-4.2,

I used the following settings:
"File versions search regexp:"
"Original file replacement text:"
"Copy file search regexp:"
"Copy file replacement text:"

This solution has a problem for <1% of my photos that are not shot in 
raw (so not really a problem at all). Although for the copying of a file 
I can make kphotoalbum preserve the filetype, for the file versions I 
have to assume that the original is of a particular type. In this case 
it wont work for originals that are not nefs. It will also fail if the 
original and version differ only in the extension but have the same 
basename. I learned regular expressions only this evening so if anybody 
knows how I can catch both dsc_8237.jpg dsc_8237_v2.jpg as versions of 
dsc_8237.nef I'd be very happy.



07.12.2010 21:58, Aleksi Halkola kirjoitti:
> Hello!
> I know it's possible to detect multiple versions of an image in
> kphotoalbum and deal with them in various ways. I haven't quite managed
> to figure it out though. I mainly shoot with one camera (mostly in raw),
> images are organised in folders according to the day they were shot.
> Given an original file
> dsc_8237.nef
> and some edited jpgs, for example,
> dsc_8237.jpg, dsc_8237_v2.jpg
> I would like kphotoalbum to stack the images so that the latest jpg is
> on top, with the tags copies from the original to all jpgs.
> Could somebody explain a bit what the different text boxes for detecting
> file versions do and how to achieve the above?
> Thanks!
> Aleksi

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