[KPhotoAlbum] Progres on thumbnail loading

Jesper K. Pedersen blackie at kde.org
Thu Aug 19 09:10:23 BST 2010

Right, I didn't realize the size difference.
I currently save the images as raw data, without any compression.
We might look into compressing the image as PNG or something, as long as that 
doesn't cost in speed.

Any takers, otherwise I might give this a try later on.


On Thursday 19 August 2010 10:04:20 Yannick Patois wrote:
| Le 19.08.2010 09:30, Jesper K. Pedersen a écrit :
| > I have 25 Gb of images, which resulted in 1.8 Gb of thumbnails.
| > Try nuking all of ~/.thumbnails (or at least only count that which is in
| > ~/.thumbnails/kphotoalbum)
| This is 7.2% additional space for thumbnails.
| > | | If is indeed blazingly fast with the slight downside that for my
| > | | 100GB image collection there is now a 14GB thumbnail folder...
| > | | That's a little hefty, is there a away to reduce the size?
| And that is 14%.
| It's "only" twice as much, so it's not that "huge" compared to what you
| got.
| I would say that as a user I wouldn't like this service to take more
| than a few % (less than 5 to the most) of the image size.
| I just did:
| convert -size 256x256 img_0685.jpg -resize 256x256 -quality 20
| img_0685-thumb.jpg
| And went from 4752521 bytes to 23100 bytes (which is less than 0.5% of
| the original size; thumbnail still being usable even if not perfect
| looking).
| But I'm afraid that jpeg conversion is way too costly, is it?
| Is there anything in between? After all, mpeg movies can be decoded in
| full HD at least at 25 image/s... Could your big file be an mpeg movie
| each frame being an image? (Likely it wouldn't work, because with
| movies, the next image is very close to the previous one).
| In any case, thanks for your work!
| 	Yannick

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