[KPhotoAlbum] Progres on thumbnail loading

Jesper K. Pedersen blackie at kde.org
Thu Aug 19 08:07:06 BST 2010

On Thursday 19 August 2010 00:24:39 Andreas Neustifter wrote:
| Hi again!
| On 16.08.2010, at 15:44, Andreas Neustifter <andreas.neustifter at gmail.com> 
| > Very cool, can't wait to try it out!
| > 
| > On 16.08.2010, at 11:38, "Jesper K. Pedersen" <blackie at kde.org> wrote:
| >> Read about how KPhotoAlbum now has much faster thumbnail loading at:
| >> http://www.kphotoalbum.org/index.php?page=news
| If is indeed blazingly fast with the slight downside that for my 100GB
| image collection there is now a 14GB thumbnail folder... That's a little
| hefty, is there a away to reduce the size?
| Andi
I would expect that to be on the price of slower loading.
Is it really that big? How large are your thumbnails?
If you want to try seeing if other formats may make it smaller, then try 
looking in ImageManager/ThumbnailCache.cpp


Having trouble finding a given image in your collection containing
thousands of images?

http://www.kphotoalbum.org might be the answer.

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