[KPhotoAlbum] Experimental Relation Patch

Paul Fleischer paul at xpg.dk
Sun May 25 12:04:21 BST 2008

Hello Folks,

I have now created a prototype implementation of my relation idea
suggested here on the list a while ago.
The attached patch is produced by svn diff against
rev 812291.

In the patch all relations are hard coded and the relation information
is not stored to any of the DB backends. I just made this to try and
see if this
relation stuff is useful at all. That's also why the actual relation
view is ugly :-).

All that being said, I will try to give a quick introduction on how to
use the relation-concept with this patch.
When viewing the thumbnail view, there is now a blank area to the
right of the thumbnail widget. This is the relation view. When an
image is selected
in the thumbnail widget, the relation view will show the image and
it's direct relations.
In order to relate to images to each other, start by selecting one of
them in the thumbnail widget. It will now be shown in the relation
Hold Ctrl+Shit and drag the other image to the relation view. A dialog
will appear allowing you to choose the relation. Pressing "Ok" will
relate the two images to each other, and update the relation view.
In the relation view, the selected image is shown in the middle, and
will always be larger than any relation images. By double clicking on
a related image, that image will be selected, allowing one to browse
images by relations.
Currently, it is not possible to delete a relation between two images,
but I imagine that this would be done by a right click popup menu in
the relation view.

There are plenty of improvements in both the concept and this
experimental patch, but what do you think about it so far?

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