[KPhotoAlbum] 3.1.1 crashes on reading in new photos

Jan Kundrát jkt at gentoo.org
Sat May 10 21:41:45 BST 2008

Martin Jost wrote:
> I have 3.1.1 crashing on reading in new photos.
> (see backtrace below)
> This doesn't happen, if I move my photos taken in 2008 away, before 
> starting KPA. (So one of these is triggering the bug, while the rest of 
> 7881 photos don't trigger it - or just the fact, that it is parsing 
> *new* photos, as opposed to the ones already seen by KPA)
> Seems to be a exiv2 problem. Any recommendations on this ?
> I have:
>  > exiv2 -V
> exiv2 0.15

Hi Martin, sorry for late reply that is going to disappoint you :). This 
indeed looks like a bug in the exiv2 library, but before talking to 
upstream developers, I'd like you to verify if this happens in the 4.0 
trunk as well. If it does, I'd use a binary searching to find out what 
image causes it to crash, and then work with this particular image to 
see  if the bug is really in exiv2. The binary searching works in the 
following way: you move half of your images away. If it doesn't crash 
anymore, yo move the previously used images away, restore the DB and 
move the previously omitted images back and re-iterate. If it crashes, 
you move half of the current half images away, and re-iterate.

So, if you manage to find out what image causes the crash, I'd like to 
see it, if possible.


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