[KPhotoAlbum] Category/sub-category heirarchy lost

Murray Strome wmstrome at yahoo.com
Fri May 9 13:54:03 BST 2008

Perhaps I have misunderstood something about
categories: Is it possible that KPhotoLab does not
support several levels of sub- and sub-sub-categories?

I am not sure how to find out if this has been
discussed anywhere or not. I really don't know where
to look. However, this is my problem.

I went through the process of creating categories and
sub-categories, e.g. in People.
I created two categories:  Relatives and Friends
I created a bunch of sub-categories for Relatives --
the names of several relatives.  I then added a new
sub-category to Relatives called Grandchildren, then
added all my Grandchildren to that.  When I viewed
People  in the Home section, it showed all these
categories, sub-categories and sub-category in the
hierarchy that I expected.

I merrily annotated a bunch of photos. When I looked
back at the Home view and People, lo and behold, the
hierarchical structure had disappeared and Relatives
and Friends are no longer in the list!  They now
appear as separate items, but in grey as there are no
entries for these any longer. In fact there are two
entries for Relatives.

If I look at Settings > Configure KPhotoLab >
Categories, the list now includes Relatives and
Friends as separate categories.

I expect that this is not a bug, but rather just
something that I have done wrong without realizing it.

Also, at the bottom of the page for  Settings >
Configure KPhotoLab > Sub-categories, it says that you
can also set up sub-categories in the annotation
dialogue simply by dragging them -- I am not sure how
to do this (whatever I tried did not work).

After making the categories and sub-categories for
People, my list did not show the hierarchical
structure  shown in the documentation: "Figure 2.5.
Categories shown in alphabetical view of the
annotation dialogue" as expected. I am obviously
missing something!

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