[KPhotoAlbum] KPhotoAlbum 3.1.1 : compilation error

Gonzalez Dominique dominique.gonzalez at univ-lille3.fr
Thu Mar 20 11:02:37 GMT 2008

Jan Kundrát a écrit :
> Gonzalez Dominique wrote:
>> i tried two ways :
>>     * with rpm, and i installed the devel package (as it did not work, i
>>       installed every package the name of which contains exiv or exif)
>>     * with the source that i downloaded from
>>       http://www.exiv2.org/download.html
>> same result for the both...
> It must be some misconfiguration of your host. We use pkgconfig when 
> searching for the exiv2 library, so make sure that pkgconfig can find 
> file "exiv2.pc", typically under /usr/lib/pkgconfig/exiv2.pc.
> What's the output of the following command?
> `pkg-config --libs exiv2; echo $?`

i bet that this is not good news.. the output is :


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